Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Car Accident Attorney

Finding a good car accident lawyer is crucial after a car crash. Whether you expect to seek damages yourself, or are concerned that someone may seek them from you, a strong car accident attorney will help you. Making the decision to hire a car accident lawyer is a very important step after any kind of collision. Whether you are seeking a lawyer because you are considering pressing your own charges, or your attorney might need to help you defend against suits brought by others, having strong legal representation from the start will make it much easier to reach a positive conclusion. In the initial days after a crash, it can be difficult to research every possible lawyer, but if you know what you’re looking for, finding a good lawyer becomes easier.

1: Is Your Car Accident Attorney Licensed?

In order to legally practice, every legal professional must be certified by his or her state bar society. This is the official society of legal professionals, which also maintains the test which all attorneys must pass in order to be permitted to practice. Even if your chosen professional passed the bar exam, they may have later become disbarred, meaning that their license was revoked for some reason. To ensure that you will receive legal counsel from an individual currently licensed to practice, check with your local bar society.

2: Have You Found The Right Specialist?  

Attorneys almost always have a specialty, or small set of specialties. A car accident lawyer won’t be able to provide serious advice on taxes, nor will a medical malpractice specialist be the best person to advise after an automobile incident. Ensure your representative has experience in the field that you need.

3: Have You Checked The Credentials Of Your Car Accident Lawyer?

Every modern legal professional has to undergo substantial amounts of time in school in order to qualify for the bar exam. In addition, he or she should continue to attend conferences and expand knowledge in his or her chosen field. When you first choose your legal representation, look for the people who attended a good law school and who continue to be active in their field.

4: Have You Tried Getting A Reference?

With relatively common problems like automobile crashes, you may be able to get a reference for a good litigator from friends who have been in the same situation. Ask around, but don’t take a lot of time doing it. When you are in a crash, time really is of the essence. You ideally want an established relationship with your car accident lawyer in Illinois by the time anyone else files charges.

5: Did You Sit Down And Talk With Your Car Accident Lawyer In Illinois?

The final step before you make the firm decision to hire any litigator is to talk with them yourself. Get a feeling for how they’ll handle your case, whether they’ll commit to being there for you, or whether you might face a lot of time with paralegals.

If you feel comfortable with your chosen litigator and you’ve done the necessary research, you can be confident that you have found an attorney who meets your needs and will enable you to fight for justice.

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